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Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
here. we will not solve our compl nflicts with libel speeches at the u.n. we have to sit together and negotiate together and reach a mutual compromise in which a palestinian state recognizes the one and only jewish state. [applause] israel wants to see middle east of progress and peace. we want to see the three great the legends that sprang forth with respect.n -- to deis they seeks supremacy over all. they want to destroy israel and america. you want to distinguish freedom. the want to end the modern world. militant islam has many branches from the rulers of iran with the revolutionary guards to al qaeda terrorist and the radical list lurking in every part of the globe. despite the differences, they are all bruited in the same bitter soil of intolerance. that intolerance is directed first to their fellow muslims and then to christians, jews, brutus, hindus, secular people -- hindus, secular people, buddhists. i am sure of one thing -- ultimately, they will fail. life will penetrate the darkness. we have seen that happen before. some 500 years ago, the printing press helped pry eu
Sep 28, 2012 1:00am EDT
today, president obama told the u.n. that the iran situation is not a challenge and it can be contained. tell me, at what point is military involvement necessary? what is airline in the sand. -- what is our line in the sand. >> the fact is, it is happening. our intelligence, israeli intelligence do not differ in my judgment on the surface. the question is how do you analyze that and i think we analyze it in several ways. but the next question is where do you draw the line. i think israel is trying to tell us that we need to draw the line now and i accept drawing the line now present it is unacceptable for iran having a nuclear weapon. but you have to look at what the administration has done. this president points to the failings of israel before pointing to the countries around it that are threatening them. the last thing you should do is show weakness, a divide between your country and its strongest ally. that is what this country has done we are on the brink of a decision that needs to be made. it is unacceptable. when we say it is unacceptable, we ought to have all options to stop ir
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the baby blue helmets from the u.n. will not be there to protect the. and neither will president obama or eric holder. what will protect you is the freedom we have under the second amendment of the constitution. there is not a government or an authority on the planet that can match that if you are ever in that situation. let me talk about one other thing real quick. this whole fast and furious situation. under the obama administration and their justice department, they sent thousands of guns to the most evil people on the planet, the mexican drug cartels. they had a massive campaign to manipulate public opinion with the whole a 90% nonsense. the president, vice president, secretary clinton, they sounded like a barbershop quartet singing that. it was not true. they were ruining the lives of honest american citizens that own firearm shops that they told to make the sales. they went ahead and make the sales and the media is reporting there are unscrupulous dealers and some they even tried to prosecute. when good federal agents down the line blew the whistle on the mess, they tried a massi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3